The use of plants for healing predates written history and evidence of it has been found in just about every culture and civilization on Earth. It's not known who made and used the first flower essences (my vote is Hildegard Von Bingen), but Dr. Edward Bach popularized the modern use of them in the early 1900s.

What are flower essences? 

In simplest terms, a flower essence is a flower's wisdom in the form of its electrical vibration.This electrical vibration is a roadmap that gives your own electrical system information to solve emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns. What's more, it's information that your electrical system already knows how to read and learn from. For anything you might face, there's a flower/plant/tree/shrub that has already tackled it. It can share its wisdom to help you tackle it, too. 

Who can use flower essences?

Anyone. Flower essences are beneficial for babies, kids, teens and adults. Pets love them, too. 

Meet Ria. I adopted her in 2011 to work as a therapy dog in my psychotherapy practice. She's 35 pounds of pure love, except when she hears fireworks, thunder, or any loud bangs. Then she shakes and hides in the closet (or behind the toilet if she can fit). The blend I make for her calms her down. 

Flower essences are now swimming in the mainstream.

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