Sleep Like a Baby

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Sleep Like a Baby


When babies sleep …

they completely surrender without a care in the world.

Watching them sleep is the very thing that fueled the creation of Sleep Like a Baby flower essence elixir.

It includes some of the most unwinding flower essences, such as Sweet Pea to help you unhook from the day's events and Ladies Bedstraw of Ireland to calm thoughts and worries when you'd rather be asleep.

It's made in micro batches to ensure vibrational integrity.

You get: 

  • One half-oz. dropper bottle of Sleep Like a Baby flower essence elixir, sealed with Reiki and white ray energy.

  • No guess work. It comes with complete instructions for use and storage.

  • A product that is made with 100% natural ingredients and 99% recyclable materials, shipped to your door via USPS Priority Mail.

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