Calm Center

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WHITE RAY calm center web.png

Calm Center


Find your calm center.

We’re living in trying times on the planet.

Even though you have chosen to be here now, it’s not easy to navigate. This exclusive blend contains the flower essences that bring a sense of your most calm and capable self. Two of the essences are Red Clover to help dial down anxiety of all kinds and Broccoli to help turn off the body’s survival fight/flight/freeze alarm, so you can find your sense of centered calm.

You get: 

  • One half-oz. dropper bottle of Calm Center flower essence elixir, sealed with Reiki and white ray energy.

  • No guess work. It comes with complete instructions for use.

  • A product that is made with 100% natural ingredients and 99% recyclable materials, shipped to your door via USPS Priority Mail.

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