This one made me want to cry (in a good way).

When I sat down by this flower, I suddenly had the urge to cry.

I felt as if I had been scooped into the soothing arms of a loving grandmother, whose super-power was solace.

The flower is called Common Rock Cress, and it was on the high rim trail at Dead Horse State Park in Utah. That's me below chatting with it about becoming a flower essence for my White Ray Flower Elixirs. 

Little did I know how much I'd need the solace of Common Rock Cress.

Since then, Gate Passages have been everywhere in my corner of the Universe -- my Dad's surgery, the funeral for my brother's mother-in-law who was sick for a long time, and some crazy travels (complete with you-can't-make-this-shit-up snafus) across the U.S.

There's no escaping Gate Passages -- those head-spinning times when life suddenly changes.
While you can't escape them no matter how hard you try, you can, however, decide how you show up for them.

You can stick your fingers in your ears and squeeze your eyes shut, while singing Deck the Halls at the top of your lungs.


You can go with it.
You can become curious about it. 
You can start to notice what it's teaching you. 

Gate Passages usually teach you a ton of things, such as what to do and what not to do, how to sit with it, and how to use your power.

I've been guiding sensitive souls through Gate Passages for a long time in my work as a psychotherapist. What amazes me every time is the human capacity to grow, no matter how difficult the journey is. Having a wise guide helps, and so does Common Rock Cress.