Things to know about White Ray Flower Elixirs:

  • They have no smell, unlike essential oils. 

  • They are 100% flowers and water, preserved in Red Shiso a plant in the mint family and white vinegar. This gives it a rosy color and mild vinegar taste.

  • They are created from the flower essences made by the super amazing Green Hope Farm of Meriden, NH and White Ray Garden of Red Bank, NJ.

  • They have no contra-indications and don't interfere with other medications, regimens or practices.

  • You can use them every day throughout the day.

  • The more you use them, the more they help.  

  • No guesswork. All White Ray flower essence elixirs come with complete instructions for use.

  • Good for the planet: All White Ray Flower Elixirs are made specifically to be in harmony with the Earth. We use 95% recyclable packaging and and 100% recyclable shipping materials. 

More questions answered: 

How do I know it's working?

Flower essences are gentle. There's nothing in your face or shouty about 'em. Some people feel something, while others feel nothing. The best way to know if it is working is to keep track using a journal, calendar or your favorite tracking system. Target a specific area -- your thoughts, feelings or behavior -- and see what you notice.  

I want to buy one for my dog. How do I do that? 

Choose Your Signature Blend for pets. You'll be prompted to fill out a form to tell me what's going on and what you'd like to be going on instead. 

I'm teaching an e-course or holding a retreat and want to a specific elixir to support my participants. Do you do that?

Woohoo! I love partnering with kind folks to make specific elixirs for the work they're doing in the world. Send me an email at and let's start co-creating.