I'm Maureen Clancy, and it all began with a dream I had. 

To tell you about that, I'd have to go further back to the first time I heard of flower essences. 

It was 1996. I was struggling with anxiety and panic every day. The primary cause was disabling chronic pain from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a severe musculoskeletal disorder that I developed from churning out articles in my dream newspaper job. RSI ended my journalism career, and I had to move back in with my parents after living on my own for more than a decade. 

One day, I wandered into the local health food store where my parents lived and overheard 2 customers talking about Bach's Rescue Remedy. One was buying it for her brother, who just received tragic and shocking news. She said it would help him calm down.

Between you and me, I doubted that a little bottle of flower essences or flower anything could really help.

But I desperately needed to calm down, so I bought a bottle for myself. I took it every day. Over the next week, I noticed that my anxiety had lessened. Over time, I also began to notice that the more I used it, the more things shifted for me. Of course, I did a handful of other things, such like getting into therapy, walking daily, making art, practicing mindfulness and yoga. These things helped, too.

Flower essences, however, was the easiest to do.

All I had to do was put a drop in a glass of water and drink.



Eventually, I recovered from RSI. I went to grad school and started working as a psychotherapist. I was still using Bach's Rescue Remedy and recommending it to clients, who loved it.

I was curious about how flower essences worked, so I took Bach's Flower Essence Level 1 certification. Because Bach's Flower Essences are suspended in alcohol and some of my clients were struggling with alcohol addiction. So I began to investigate other creators of flower essences.

I was over-the-moon thrilled to find Green Hope Farms in New Hampshire. Molly Sheehan and her crew there make top-notch flower essences with no alcohol. Instead of alcohol, Green Hope stabilizes their essences in Red Shiso -- a plant in the mint family that has incredible preservation abilities.

I made specific blends for my psychotherapy clients, because every one of them was sensitive to psychiatric medications. With flower essences being extremely gentle, I knew they'd be a great support without the jarring and dulling side effects. What's more, in my work as a psychotherapist, I saw first-hand how psychiatric medications were being overprescribed. There's definitely a place for them, but it's not right for every one (in fact, sometimes depression disguises a spiritual awakening). I soon branched out into making and selling signature blends for individuals who weren't my clients.

Now about that dream ...

I actually had a series of dreams about growing my work with flower essences. The first one happened while I was on a retreat in 2014 in Northern California. In this dream, I was shown that every person on the planet corresponds to a particular ray of color and that I'm in the white ray. The next few dreams were about making my own flower essences on my own land (I lived in a townhouse with no land, at the time). I moved, began planting flowers, and made my own flower essences.

These days, I work with White Ray flower essence elixirs all day in my healing work. 

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